Ring out the bells.

On the same day that our future king was born, 17 babies arrived in our county.I have it on very good authority that 16 babies were delivered at the main maternity unit, and the other baby was born an an outlying unit. One baby arrived just before The Royal baby.

Lots of records to fill in after a birth, most electronically,but still written in a Birth Register is all the details of each birth.

  • Each birth record spans 2 pages.
  • 9 entries per page.
  • 4 Birth Registration books for each year, as the year is divided into quarters, as are all the national Birth/Marriage and Death records.

The paper in the books are heavy and textured and all the entries are written in either black or red ink. Black ink denotes a normal or assisted delivery. Red ink indicates that the operating theatre has been used.

There is a column for the people present at the birth, and I noticed that now even if a couple are married, the husband is cited as ” partner “. Social change is happening as now most babies are born outside marriage.

Each midwife has distinctive handwriting, so you can tell which was the attending midwife without even reading the signature at the end.There is a sense of pride recording each birth you have attended, and the gravity of the ledger combined with the sense of formality of entering all the birth details makes you feel privy to a very special occasion. As indeed it is.

As a Midwife you also have your own personal record of deliveries, and in mine I have kept all the thank you cards and photos of the babies I have been privileged to deliver. Such a sweet career.

Congratulations to Kate and William, and all the babies born on July 22nd 2013. May your lives be filled with health, love and happiness.


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