Rude Not To!

This is a meeting from the heart.Truly.It has been a long time in the offing but finally the day has arrived.These mothers came to my HypnoBirthing®classes last year and I am so excited about catching up with and meeting their new babies. Glorious sunshine heralds the day and after meandering round my garden looking for suitable blooms, I collect a small posy of perfumed flowers.


Tablecloth packed√. Cake wrapped up√. Knife, candles and matches in bag √.

Despite there being a serious poo incident, everyone is on time with all the babies looking demure and bedecked in fetching pink sun hats. The rendez vous is a picturesque park where deer roam and where you can stroll alongside the river, or make your base in the kiddies play area.

Lots of catch up time. Plenty of baby adoration.Great companionship and genuine interest in each others’ lives. Not so much baby led weaning as mother led macaroon and profiterole and strawberries and champagne feeding! Yum!

New house or maybe a new caravan in the grounds of a new dilapidated house, old jobs, new careers, afternoon plans, wedding plans. And because it would be rude not to, a bottle of fizz! With strawberries too!

So here is a toast to the ultra cute Ava Rose, Gracie, Little Bea and Willow, and to their delightful yummie mummies.Came home feeling totally uplifted and feel I need to let you know I am available for first birth day picnics and a spot of bubbly. Anytime.  Annie xx

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