sha sha sha shaaa!!

What did I discover today? A rather special package left in the porch by our postman. On the outside the envelope looked non exciting and  ordinary, and the hand writing was unfamiliar, but when I ripped it open, I was blown away. Such a personal parcel from a really in tune couple who had completed a HypnoBirthing® course recently. Through the grapevine I tend to know when babies arrive, but I never get in touch with the new parents until they contact me.

So what was my prezzie?

A  lovely thank you card, so now I am officially a HypnoBirthing GURU!!!! Whoohoo!!

And a delicious photo of Kyler in his birthday suit in the bath. He looks so happy. He looks as though he is singing. Or having a lively conversation with his parents.

And the icing on the cake was a collage of his mama in the birthing pool with all her twinkling lights, and his papa holding him, and then lots of newborn, brand new photos of him, being swaddled, deeply asleep, half awake and feeding.

Such a beautiful gift. Thank you guys. I had a wonderful time meeting you.

This was the couple who had found out about HypnoBirthing® from HER Aunt who had used HypnoBirthing® techniques with her 2nd baby. HER” place of bliss ” was the infinity pool they swam in whilst on their honeymoon. They had enjoyed the course as HE had been given a role and a focus, and He was not an observer. And they both were so EXCITED and PREPARED about becoming parents, and especially liked the idea that they were not patients, but PARENTS.

See what I mean when I say that I can’t call my work a job? Satisfaction levels as high as the sky!!!

Come and be part of the band of parents who are discovering that HypnoBirthing® changes the way you have your baby. Give me a ring and let’s start the ball rolling. I would love to hear from you. Annie.


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