Sheer Magic

Sprinting from the room with the waterpool where I had held the waterbirth class in the local maternity unit, I hastily grabbed a banana – which incidentally is an ideal snackaroo if you are having your baby in water, and opened the door to the antenatal clinic waiting room. This was the venue for the parentcraft session that evening. Back to back sessions.Pretty full on. Rooms filled to capacity.

  • But this evening there was something in the air.
  •  A sort of a hush had filled the room,
  •  and the atmosphere was filled with tenderness.

Balanced on a chair was a moses basket, and when I peeped inside there was the most delicious dinkie doo little baby imaginable. Brand new, with her just arrived pink baby skin. Fast asleep and oblivious.

Without thinking I exclaimed,” Where did this baby come from!” Silly really, as you would think by now I would know.

Her parents were young; she was sweet and shy; he had been the boy that played around,the class joker.I hugged mama, and shook hands with the papa. ( How British). Then everyone started asking the couple questions like there was no tomorrow. And what did I remember about that night?

I remember seeing this young man, this joker, this class clown, put his hand to the side of his face and say, in a totally besotted voice,

” I just can’t wait to get home from work each night “.

You could feel his love for his baby. His love and his pride filled the room.This young couple had had their baby a few days ago, and had specifically returned to the antenatal classes to show their baby to the group.Everyone was smitten too, and spontaneously as the couple picked up their baby to leave, everyone broke into applause.

Nothing left to say. Feel emotional just remembering.

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