Sign of the times.

Today was rather poignant, and indeed very special. How so? Well, this was the day that i had to say “Thank you, and au revoir” to my Supervisor of Midwives. Supervision for midwives, as we know it, will be abolished as from March 30th and I for one, will be very sorry to see the end of this marvellous service. A safe place for midwives to talk and to learn and to update and to come away determined to be the best midwife that one can be.

Why do I love being a midwife? Hmm, let me tell you.

When I first started my midwifery training, I thought the icing on the cake had to be delivering a baby. Ah, yes, truly wonderful, and I can no longer count the number of birth experiences I have attended.The look on a woman’s face as her baby is handed to her or placed on her stomach or chest. The tears and cheers and every gamut of raw human emotion A rich life indeed.

Then time passes and new experiences  and opportunities present and then I began to see wonder and beauty in all aspects of midwifery. From working in aspects of midwifery to enjoying the comradeship of my fabulous colleagues at all the mandatory study days we have gone to, to the leaving and retirement parties. And in my joyful and enjoyable days at work, I also count the number of times I have had my annual supervisory to be there amongst my prized days.

A time to catch up. Yes. But so much more. A time to reflect and to share dreams and plans. No judgement. Just mutual respect.All in a safe space.

So, this is an open “Thank you” for all your wisdom and experience and updating that you have given me and shared with me. Supervision continues, but in a different format.

And I, will be sorry to see the back of the old ways.

Signing off. Annie. Proud and Very Grateful Midwife.


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