Smelling The Roses.

Today was a day I was really looking forward to. Life had been so hectic with commitments and family parties, plus The Painters had been working their colour magic throughout the house.  Now all my rooms are coloured in various tones of terracotta which gladden my heart each time I see them. Also my house has been pretty much decluttered. Think I own a lot of charity shops now.

Next on the agenda was to declutter my mind. Needed a session with my Life Coach who helps me taper my daily life tasks and weekly agendas so that I can slow right down, breathe, breathe, breathe and truly stop and smell the roses. I have so much to be thankful for, but I couldn’t appreciate how sweet my life has become, as I was cramming too much into each day. Such a relief to talk and lay my cards on the table. My work / life balance has been way off kilter for a while and it had been effecting all aspects of my life. Heart searching. Soul searching. Digging deep. Lots of truths.

And the outcome? Everything seems so much clearer now. My aspirations and my dreams now achievable. Already my stress levels have reduced and I am beginning to feel more serene and able to stop running about.

Having streamlined my diary, I was able to feel real excitement at the prospect of catching up with a special friend. I hadn’t seen her for perhaps over 2 years, which really is way too long. This person is one of my Balcony Friends and she always inspires and energises me. She has a huge passion for life and her optimism rubs off on me. Any time spent in her company leaves me feeling rejuvenated and incredibly balanced.

Dear Reader, we met, we talked over coffee, which ran into lunch and then into afternoon tea, and in the end we were asked to vacate our table as the cafe was busy and people were lining up outside the door. On the way to the carpark we did spend time smelling the roses and we admired the peacocks which we hadn’t noticed on our arrival.

So feeling refreshed and relaxed and happy, I am looking forward with relish to the new HypnoBirthing® course that is starting tonight. The big difference about today is I WILL go to my local pilates session. Life is looking sweet again.

Come and join me to prepare your mind and to feel calm as you discover ways to really have the best birth you can. I would love to meet you. Annie x

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