Smoke on the line.

I am sitting on the 7.33 am train to Birmingham New Street. Time to update and refresh my skills. Plus, this study day qualifies for x hours of participatory learning. Ideal for my next revalidation in three years time. The train is pretty full and lots of people are set for a day of shopping and catching up with family and friends. Almost there. Another 10 minutes, when suddenly the train slows down and the distinct sound of an alarm is heard which seems to be getting louder. Then the announcement over the tannoy tells all to get off the train quickly and to go to the station entrance. We all quietly and efficiently get off the train and so many people are on the platform, it is difficult to walk to the station entrance. No buses await and when a solitary mini cab stops at a junction, 5 of us sprint to make use of this knight in shining armour.

Thank you sir,  to the football fan who paid for us all. Your kindness was much appreciated.

  • Onward to attend Diane Garland’s waterbirth study day.
  • Diane is the boss man, or woman when it comes to talking about waterbirths.
  •  Diane is the Midwife Expert on this topic.
  •  I learnt such a lot.
  • The day was so well planned and the various dvd footage were so appropriate and clarified lots of points for us all.

Bought a memory stick so I have time to make my own notes so that I have time to reflect and assimilate all the information. Good to catch up with my buddy learning friend.

Always good to catch up with Maggie.

Meetings planned and now I will be offering regular waterbirth sessions for women and couples who are considering this option when they have their babies.

Session planned. I have been running these sessions for a long time now, originally at the local maternity units, and latterly as part of my private antenatal classes. So updated and inspired, the next waterbirth session will be running very shortly. Good to be informed, as then choices can be made.

Get in touch if you are thinking about thinking about using a water pool as part of your labour experience. It definitely helps to have the low down on all the relevant gen. Annie xx


Win, Win.

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