Snap Happy.

The couples that I meet on the HypnoBirthing┬« courses that I run never cease to inspire me. Over 5 weeks we all get to know each other pretty well and by the end of the sessions, I really don’t want them to go!! Then I miss them and wait for their news, and then plan our get together, which really is the icing on the cake for me. All the little boys always wear matching socks at our reunion, which truly amazes me as I never could co ordinate ┬áthe socks for my little boy.

It was the session where by we talk about bonding with your baby, and this was what one of the mothers said,

Baby bonding.” We have been keeping a weekly diary of how our pregnancy has progressed, right from the moment we knew we were going to become a family. Not just the written word, but also a photographic record of how our lives are changing. Lots of photographs of bumps and moses baskets and slings and prams. I am making handmade bibs made out of grandad’s old shirts.”

What a great idea and how creative!

I feel very privileged to be shown all these photos as having a baby is very intimate, and this couple have gladly let me into their world.

There has been a lot of laughter at these sessions and I always end the evening on a ” high .”I have spaces on my wall for photos of their babies. Can’t wait!! Annie xx

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