Socks and Frocks.

Our coffee morning reunion is being hosted by Cathy.It’s very strange for me not being the hostess. Due to poor navigational skills I arrive slightly late but with a smile and some flowers.Fancy cup cakes piled high with swirly frosted icing and freshly baked scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, plus Belgian chocs-oh yes, Cathy you certainly know how to entertain-thank you!!

The party is in full swing.So lovely to catch up .It’s hello to Vivienne and Oscar-both so trendily dressed in uber cool tights with pink bows and little tennis shoes. How cool is that?

The mamas are chilled out and very laid back and so calm and competent with their babies.We talk about their birth experiences. Both so different and both so positive. Lots of humorous anecdotes.Both stories are both so touching.The men did themselves proud as did the women. Shorter labours due to the efficacy of breathing with each surge, thus maximising each contraction.Lots of debriefing. And baby cuddles. And much hilarity and laughter.Great ideas shared.The consensus is that Baby Sensory ROCKS, as do Reflexologists and Cranial Osteopaths!!

What a wonderful way to spend a few hours . I am so proud of you guys for all your HypnoBirthing® practising. So beneficial.And thank you to the menfolk for being there and for being so supportive. Good job!!

Congratulations to you all!! Anniexx

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