Chloe and  Olivia’s parents came to see me last night.They are having non identical twins and already they both are weighing over 3lb at 31 weeks gestation. How exciting! If the babies were to be born now, they can’t quite suck and their nipples are immature and they would lie with their legs in a frog position. But these babies were not to be born for another 5 weeks, so plenty of time to grow and develop ready for life on dry land.

Lots of tips,suggestions and practicalities.So far so good.Then came the reality check. 2 babies!!!!

It was only when we were talking about the daddy holding his babies skin to skin that I could see that the penny had dropped. Literally.Nothing like confronting the elephant in the room. Had to be done. Swaddling my “babies,” I took Paul by total surprise and popped a “baby” in each arm!! One each side. Then quick as a flash, I did the same for his partner.

The look they gave each other and me was priceless! Totally speechless with the realisation they were at the point of no return. It was THE PERFECT photo opportunity and luckily my camera was at hand.Beautiful. Such emotions on their faces! It was a gorgeous positive evening . When the couple left I didn’t recognise them as the timid pair who hesitantly tapped on my door earlier that evening.They left ten feet tall and brimming with confidence. Twins? Bring it on !!!

When the babies arrived their dad dropped me a card  and prezzies and photos of his babies. They didn’t need to give me a prezzie. The confidence written on their faces as they left their session that evening really was all the thanks I needed. But the chocolates were delicious.And the photo of HIM holding both his daughters is magical.

As a Midwife who has been running antenatal classes at the local maternity hospitals for the last 10 years, I have so much experience to share with you. Being a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner taps into my skills and really enhances all the information I can give you. Book into a HypnoBirthing® course for the best birth you can have. Love to meet you. Annie.

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