Surprise Box.

Spent Saturday at a Hypnosis Co-Supervision day in London with some inspiring speakers. A small, select group of professionals attended. The time absolutely flew as we learnt more about techniques and the importance of the use of language, and how we use the tools of our trade, our voices.

The speakers imparted so much knowledge and it was a privilege to have met them. Left feeling extremely creative and brimming with new ideas and also felt very calm and peaceful.

Then it was the train journey. When I had travelled to London earlier in the week, I caught THE SARDINE TRAIN. Packed. Not enough seats. No air. No fun.

Subconsciously I must have relived that nightmare journey as without thinking too hard ,I discovered I had upgraded my ticket to 1st class. What a joy and revelation!

Who knew you were served beverages, and that after leaving Milton Keynes a SURPRISE BOX would be given to all 1st class passengers?None of the stewards on the train actually knew what was these boxes contained, but that did not diminish my anticipation. Floated home in tranquillity having consumed the entire contents of the box of surprises. Money well spent.

Plus I feel that my HypnoBirthing®classes are strengthened and consolidated by the addition of using Hypnosis training and Supervision as an adjunct to my Midwifery skills. Let me share my knowledge and skills with you so that you are well prepared for having the BEST BIRTH FOR YOU.Get in touch to find out more about HypnoBirthing®. I would love to meet you. Annie.

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