Sweet Soul Sister.

Three days in the company of Anna Verwaal, RN,CLE, has totally changed my perceptions of life in the womb. Founder of From Womb To World . www.fromwombtoworld.com. Conscious Conception.Womb and Birth Related Imprints. Hormonal Physiology of Childbirth, Breast Feeding and Bonding. How genetic imprinting has a huge impact and how decisions made 7 generations ago have a effect on future generations. How babies are aware as conscious beings and how imprinting has occurred long before WE are aware. How your baby’s birth has an effect on how your baby’s personality develops.

Fascinating. Logical. Evidence based.Truly awe inspiring.

The conference was a three day event aimed at fertility workers, couples wanting the best for their future babies, birth professionals, educators and those with a huge interest in birth. These workshops were a unique opportunity to discover more, to become more informed and to be more AWARE.


An air of expectation filled the room and right from the start we were all thoroughly absorbed in the information we were given. Lots of photographs. Plenty of stories. Experiences. Evidence. Shared knowledge and skills. Utterly fascinating and my mind has absolutely been opened. And now there is no going back. I have to use this knowledge and share it with the couples that I meet in all the classes that I run.

Stories which gave me goosebumps. Similar births separated by miles and years. Anna you are my sweet soul sister and the way I think about babies growing and developing has changed for ever.

Already, the two classes I have run since your workshop have had your input and I have so much more to include. I will be busy getting my new laminates ready a.s.a.p. for using in my antenatal sessions.

Thank you Anna, for such an inspirational three days. I was meant to meet you, and for that I am truly grateful. Annie xx

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