The timing is perfect. Now all the women are almost 38 weeks pregnant and I am running a “Top Up ” session. It’s rather a pick and mix affair as none of the couples have actually met each other. Lately, I have been running several courses over each month and with all the “due dates’ varying madly, this seemed to be the only way to catch up with lots of couples.

Looking happy and confident, I can see that all the men really know what they are doing. All in the body language. And the eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul and this is so true. It is wonderful to see this look. No fear or anxiety about having a baby, or adding to their families. They are all so positive and excited about meeting their babies. A few surprises. 2 boys. 1 girl.

A run through for the men in case labour happens quickly, especially for the couples who are having their babies at home.

This is where being a midwife is so invaluable.

Over the years I have helped so many women and couples navigate their way into parenthood. A lifetime of experiences to share and to benefit other parents.

The men are logical, extremely practical and I have every faith in them. They are also extremely tender to the partners.The way they gently stroke their partner’s arm, or plant a kiss on her shoulder. A loving tough on his partner’s belly when their baby moves. There is nothing quite so beautiful as the tenderness of a man. Strong relationships. Ready for the next stage in their lives.

At the beginning of the HypnoBirthing¬© classes, I always ask if anyone is going to other antenatal sessions. Some do. Some don’t. This gives me a benchmark of prior learning.¬†I did have a smile when the couples said they had been to traditional antenatal classes and that they were the star pupils as they knew all the answers. Small pat on the back for me I think. Not often I do that. Axx

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