Tapas bar.

Someone at my gym class is going to be a grandma! The announcement happened at the beginning of the work out. Almost shyly she shared her news, but her whole demeanour was filled with such joy and happiness. Congratulations all round. And hugs and kisses. Such wonderful news. Everyone is now moving up a generation. The children become parents. The parents become grandparents. And so it goes on.

How did her daughter tell her of her happy news?

Why, it was her mother’s birthday and the family had decided to celebrate at a local restaurant in town.

First the greetings. Then a round of drinks. Prezzies. Thank yous .Thank yous.

And then, “There’s more”. Really?

An envelope with a card in it. The birthday mother opened the card slowly thinking it was maybe an invitation or a gift voucher.The card never fully got out of the envelope as the words Baby Vision were clearly emblazoned on the front of the card. Card withdrawn and opened and there in black and white was the most glorious birthday gift E.V.E.R.

An ultrasound scan of a 12 week old baby. Looking beautiful and just perfect.

Total joy, and by now all the restaurant had gathered there was going to be a new baby in town.

As this lady said, “All in all a pretty special birthday”, and she couldn’t remember anything she ate as she was just so excited that her tranquil life had suddenly become very remarkable.

So here is a toast to the lucky grandma to be. Her family is just getting bigger. How wonderful.

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