Tavern Talk

Apparently this is how it works;

In my innocence, I thought that when you bought a house, you chose an area that you knew and that you liked. Perhaps the game changing factor is all the amenities or the highly rated schools, or the proximity to the parks and greenery. Then you scoured the internet for all the properties that pretty much fitted your agenda, and finally you rang the estate agent with the expectations of a viewing and hopefully the fulfilment of finding your dream home.

So far, pretty straightforward.

However, I discovered that in certain places, house buying pans out something like this;

Forget trawling the internet. Forget looking in the estate agents windows. Forget driving round and looking out for for sale boards. Nothing so complicated as this. You simply arrange a round of golf and by the 19th hole you are shaking hands on a deal, or else you potter on down to your local and over a few beers you have a word with so and so who knows someone else who knows that his neighbour is thinking of moving to be nearer his children. Maybe a phone call ┬áto ascertain the facts and bingo…you have the perfect house.

So when you are house hunting in this part of the world, you learn through the grapevine that the house you were secretly hoping would come on the market has in fact changed hands, and that the new owners recently moved in, and so the only way to beat this system is to join it. I know about this as I know a family who wanted to live by the sea. Only by chance they heard of a house which ticked nearly all the boxes, and which almost came on the market, but because they had been in the right place at the right time, they could seal the deal.

Word of mouth. That’s the way to do it.

Thinking about my hypnobirthing® classes, that is how it works for me too. I always ask how couples found out about me and they just say that they knew someone who has been to my classes. Yay!! Thank you for my word of mouth referrals.I am in seventh heaven.

Definitely the way to do it!!!

Come and join a hypnobirthing® course and see how the way you view having a baby really changes! Would love to meet you. Annie x



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