The Beyonce Moment..

“Having a pre Miranda cocktail with friends after arriving at the O2 Arena by river taxi after a spot of afternoon tea. Having a delightful time.”

The happiness just emanated from this text message which my London Friend sent me. Now there’s a girl who really knows how to work, live and play. A serious grown up responsible job abroad.London friends to catch up with, plus a trip to see Miranda on tour. Sounds a lovely life. There is no luck involved here.The dream job didn’t just fall into her lap. Hard work and dedication played a major part along side the support from her loving family.

I was thinking about this because last summer one of the mamas to be brought her mama along to the HypnoBirthing® classes.Her partner was also involved but this was how they wanted to play it. It worked well. Loving support. A good team.

Most of my classes start a little reticently as often it is the men folk who are uncertain as to what they have actually signed up for.By the end of the first session, I can see that the men are on board and are very supportive.By the end of the 5 sessions everyone has blossomed and confidence has grown and the parents have embraced having a baby with anticipation and joy.

Start a new trend. Be one of the first men to book your partner onto a course. Surprise her. Most women love a surprise.Can’t wait to meet you! Annie.


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