The Birds and The Bees.

Seems like I am on the move again. This time is for a mini break in London. Plus the opportunity to go around Kew Gardens and partake in a tour loosely called “Pollinators.” Or, Birds, Bees and Beetles. So fascinating all the way nature has provided for the survival of the species. Wind, birds, Lizards, moths, ants, beetles, lemurs and water, all do their bit to procreate new life.

The beautiful colours of the sunflowers made me smile..

This made me think about the sessions I am offering couples who are currently experiencing fertility issues.For several years now I have been deepening my knowledge and understanding of fertility awareness. Ironically, I spent many years working in Sexual Health, aka Family Planning, and now I am expanding my skill set. Plus training in hypnosis for fertility has really set me up to continue to offer relaxation sessions pertaining to the menstrual cycle and fertility.

Lots to talk about. Lots to share with you.

If this interests you, or you know of anyone who you feel may benefit, please do get in touch. Total confidentiality. A safe place to talk and relax. Anniexx

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