The Busy and The Beautiful.

Today I am overwhelmingly happy as I received some monumental news which made me want to dance on the tables and drink champagne.I also had a surreal conversation with Prince Harry at the local deli counter. A true Prince Charming.Then I spent an inspirational day at a co-supervision hypnosis event which was neatly topped off by sheer indulgence at a hedonistic haberdashery shop.

When I underwent my HypnoBirthing® training I was confident about the “Birthing” part, as with literally decades of hands on midwifery experience behind me, this was not a problem. However, I felt I needed to underpin my hypnosis knowledge, so I trained with The Royal Society of Medicine in hypnosis, so that I could use hypnosis as an adjunct to my midwifery skills, in order to give me a firm background so that I understood more.I liked the way the course was run for professionals,by professionals. All our credentials were checked and verified before the course commenced. Leading on from this I have attended hypnosis supervision days in London, which is the perfect opportunity to meet other professionals in order to enhance my practice.

Not only did I meet up with colleagues that I trained with, we were all inspired by our Supervisors.The “Rules of Life ” were very powerful as was “Life’s Journey”. There were such a variety of professions, all bringing different skills and experiences to the table.

The afternoon was definitely enhanced by the presence of Samantha’s home made chocolate brownies which were delicious and not even crumbs were left.*Samantha*-you are a star!!

Came away feeling energised and empowered.Can’t wait for my next HypnoBirthing® class so I can make my session even more beneficial for the parents that are booked in. My skills are being honed and I can move forward with confidence.

Give me a ring so that you can find out more about how HypnoBirthing® allows you to have a positive birth experience. I would love to hear from you. Annie.

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