The Cool Gang.

Grandma, Amy, little Oliver who looks just like his daddy, the car seat, change bag and a huge bouquet of flowers arrived first.Followed swiftly by Melissa, Mark and Arlo Bay who spent most of the afternoon just snuggled on his daddy’s chest.So comfortable and so blissfully sleeping.

Smiley Archie,who can roll over in a blink of an eye came next with Rachel, and lastly in walked Emily wearing Izzy round her and carrying a mini baby gym, and a box full of homemade bakewell tarts and choc cake. YUM!! Almost all present and correct.

Matilda and Kay, we were so sorry that you couldn’t make it.Next time.

Courgette cake and choc profiterolesand strawbs seemed to fit the bill for our afternoon coffee morn HypnoBirthing®catch up.

Plenty of time to talk to everyone and to cuddle all these totally gorg babies.

4 days difference ‘tween Izzy and Archie.

2 days difference ‘tween Oliver and Arlo.

A toast from me congratulating all these strong and confident parents. HypnoBirthing® really did allow each couple to have the best birth they could have had.

A delightful afternoon full of baby cuddles and photos and the promise of future get togethers. Such an uncomplicated friendship network going on. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.I am so proud of each and every couple for their committment to the course and applying all the HypnoBirthing® tools they have been shown, not only on their baby’s BIRTH Day, but in other day to day situations too.

HypnoBirthing® is only the beginning .There is so much more with calm, contented babies, friendships made and outings organised.Be one of the growing number of parents who choose to make a difference in the way they have their babies.Taking bookings for the November classes now.

Give me a ring. I would love to meet you, and change the way you have your babies. Annie.


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