” The Magical Ursula”

That’s how Chris Evans, radio presenter on BBC radio 2 described my friend who lives across the fields!! A car and music festival in Hampshire raised at least £750,000 for Children in need. There was a Pie versus Cake competition-judged by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

And Ursula won!!

Mary Berry said , ” It was the best fruitcake I have ever tasted”.

Ursula won, along with prestige and glory, a coveted rolling pin, signed by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. WOW!!  And an opportunity to pop down to London to have an interview on The Chris Evans’s early morning show.Ursula’s successful business with her award winning fruit cakes began by making her gorgeous cakes for family and friends as presents. High praise and lots of compliments inspired Ursula to develop her hobby into a business.

  • ingredients sourced
  • hand washing course accomplished. ( Passport required).
  • kitchen inspected
  • cakes sampled and tested
  • website set up
  • Beautiful photographs by Catrin
  • children banned from kitchen on baking days
  • windows shut. Even on boiling hot days.

Hand made, baked in the aga for 10 to 12 hours, laced with brandy, or amaretto, and matured for a minimum of 4 weeks. Presented in a tin festooned with a festive ribbon. To receive a present such as this in the post is marvellous, as friends of my parents will testify.

Winning a star in the Great Taste award for her Traditional Brandy Fruitcake, followed by another star in The Great Taste award for her Classic Fruitcake with no added sugar.

I heard Ursula today on Radio 2. Around 8.43am. You could hear everyone’s delight when the cakes were tasted.

Chris Evans said , ” You have made me care about cakes!”

Throughout the program Ursula’s cakes kept getting a mention.

So not only do I have a famous friend and neighbour who lives across the fields, but the couples who come to my HypnoBirthing® classes can benefit from tasting Ursula’s cakes, as when we all meet up for our coffee morning reunion, Ursula’s cakes will be there. And those of you who have already brought their gorgeous calm HypnoBirthing® babies to meet all the other gorgeous calm HypnoBirthing®  babies, many of you will already have met Ursula. Quiet, unassuming and absolutely talented.

Check out  www.mycottagekitchen.co.uk

And, if you click on ”  my outlets “, you will see that Shropshire HypnoBirthing is mentioned. So  now I am famous by default!!!!

Am taking bookings for the next set of classes that are running 18th September. Do come and join us to see how HypnoBirthing® really does make a difference in the way you have your babies.

Ursula. We are all so proud of you!! Anniexx

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