The older I get, the less I know.

Each day I learn something new about life and people and myself.

When I was  a newly qualified midwife, I was young and super confident, and thought I had learnt pretty much everything. Now I am older and have lived life and travelled, I can see that I have so much to learn and I am a lot more humble, and appreciative of all the different parents that I meet in my HypnoBirthing® classes.

Seminars and conferences excite me as not only do I meet such inspirational people, but my imagination is shaken and stirred.

Meeting Docteur Michel Odent recently was a truly breath taking experience, and I will always treasure shaking his hand!!

I pick up great ideas and adapt them for my own needs. My note book is always in my handbag, so that I can jot down the thoughts that cross my mind. The challenge is then to translate the essence and to make it work for me.

Recently I read an article in the ways in which couples practise their HypnoBirthing® techniques. Lives are busy and some great suggestions from my colleagues are to incorporate some small but highly effective reminders in their schedules.

  • a warm foot soak,
  • followed by a foot massage…..
  • relaxing music at supper time,
  • when the lights are dim.

Other suggestions are texting an affirmation to each other, and having your chosen colour round the place where you spend your down time.

Simple. Effective. Easy.

Give me a ring to see how changing the way you look at childbirth really does change the way you have your baby…or babies. I’d love to hear from you. Annie .







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