The Postman Knocks.

Today I received a handwritten letter. Well, the envelope was hand written, which was exciting in itself. Nowadays, most of my post comprises bills and council tax requests and occasionally a parking fine .That was an expensive pot of honey I purchased. Intrigued, I discovered a beautiful photograph of a gorgeous baby, which made me smile with delight. Her parents had written to me saying that,

She was here, and that She was fabulous and perfect.

In the heady hazy days of new parenthood, I always marvel at how kind the parents are who manage to find the time to call me, write to me or pop in for a cup of tea with their bundle of joy. Sometimes, when they call on spec, I am dressed in my gardening clothes, or even my pjs as was the case when I was just slipping upstairs for a mini siesta when the doorbell rang. I live off the beaten track and usually the only people who pop by are motorists who are lost. Memo to self. Keep decent jumper by front door to cover pj top.

So many parents have visited.Sometimes with their whole family. Sometimes it is mum and baby. I have a train set which I keep handy so that little toddlers and their daddies can have some fun. Listening to their birth stories is deeply personal and often very emotional as what can be more emotive than having a baby? I remember every couple so well. And all the grandmas who come to my sessions too.

Especially the grandmothers who often cry and say that they wished there had been HypnoBirthing® in their day.

Enabling all the couples I have met to have the best birth that they can is very special. I am forever grateful that I have the loving support of MY family that allows me to run the sessions from my home.

So a huge THANK YOU to MY back room boys.

For clearing away the cups and saucers. For plumping up the cushions. For eating any left over biscuits. For making me a hot drink when everyone has gone and not waking me up early the following day, so that I can have a lie in. Couldn’t do it with out you all. ♥♥♥

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