The Queen of Sheba.

He’s baked a cake. The light is starting to go as he strings fairy lights round the garden. Now he prepares a little fire. Music is next. The sound system is brought out side. “The arrival of the Queen of Sheba fills the air. Dusk is falling, and the stars are lighting up  the sky. She’s sitting on a swing seat. On a summer’s evening, in the garden, on a swing, listening to music with stars and fairy lights twinkling, a fire glowing.

This is where she has her baby.

This was the story told to all the delegates  at the recent Midwifery Conference, entitled “Embracing Normality” held in Shrewsbury. The speaker was a Consultant Midwife called Kathryn Gutteridge and she was emphasising the importance of the environment for when a couple have their baby. This very special delivery was not recent; it had happened more than 20 years ago, but the beauty and wonder of this new baby’s birth day had remained with her.

This eloquent and passionate midwife had a vision; her dream was to recreate this wonderful scene so that other couples could experience sheer pleasure and joy when their babies were born. Three birth rooms have been created with the help of an incredible team. This amazing birth has now formed the template for the successful and inspirational Halcyon  Birth Centre, based in Sandwell; the opening was in October last year. The short listed names that didn’t make the name of the birth centre have been used for thee birth rooms.  So you have The Tranquility Room”.“ The Grace Room. ” The Harmony Room”. Even the names are so soft and gentle.The brief for the birth centre was for it to look like a bijou boutique  hotel. And it does. The entrance lobby looks like a swanky hotel reception; You walk along the “Bluebell” walkway into your birth room. No hospital connotations here. Walls are painted in pink and lavender. Very restful. Each room has a water pool. The requirements were important.

  • Quick fill
  • No flood tubs
  • water regulated to 40 degrees celcius.
  • Fast drainage.

Each water pool stands under a light atrium. Each pool is spacious and curvy. Birth is a dance, and you have a big dance floor here. There are no straight lines in the rooms Everything is soft and curvacious. Clever attention to detail. The curves mirrors a woman’s pregnant body. A double bed is in each room so that partners can stay. And look at the ceilings!! Lights on the ceiling but not randomly arranged. At first the lights had been placed in straight lines. Back to the drawing board. The night sky was studied, magnified and now you can look at the stars as you have your baby.

French doors open onto a sensory garden, so you really do have a room with a view. Plants and colours refelect the harmonious feel to this special place.

The strap line to this project is

” Your birth in our home “

What a wonderful opportunity to have your baby in this very calm and loving birth centre.

 Combine HypnoBirthing® with a waterbirth and a wonderful environment = an even more memorable day.


To find out more about how HypnoBirthing® and having a waterbirth will benefit you, your partner and your baby get in touch. I would love to hear from you.  Annie

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