The slow lane.

I didn’t quite appreciate the impact that HypnoBirthing® would have on me.

HypnoBirthing® shows couples how to relax using a variety of techniques, and each week with their practising they are able to relax deeper and more quickly each time they start to relax.

As soon as I put the HypnoBirthing® music on, and the room is filled with the sounds of the electric piano I can feel my shoulders relax, and I become calmer, and even my movements slow down. There is no rushing in my HypnoBirthing® studio as I prepare the room for the next session. I feel calm and confident  prior to each class that I run. I spend a lot of time selecting appropriate dvds to show the parents to be. The dvds I choose to show, vary with each class depending on the dynamics of the group. Some couples have never seen a baby being born, and I always like to find out details like this before I put the dvd in. A box of tissues is always on hand, as watching babies being born using HypnoBirthing® techniques is a very emotional experience. For the men too.  Actually, especially the men.

The HypnoBirthing® course involves me reading from scripts and even as I start to read the words, words that have been so cleverly written to appeal to all types of learners, I can feel myself relax. Especially if I listen to the rhythm of the music which is in the background. Some of the words are so beautiful, that they send shivers up my spine, and I have to pause to allow the words to flow around me. It feels electric.

No one notices how the time passes, and by the end of the session , darkness has crept up on us unawares, and I have to turn on the uplighters. Two and a half hours passes in the blink of an eye. No-one wants to go. They want to linger. Everyone leaves in a very chilled out state. I know they will sleep well.

HypnoBirthing® really makes a difference in the way you have your babies. Don’t just take my word for it. Come and join us and discover for yourselves what an amazing experience you can have. I am waiting for your call. Annie.





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