The ” Wish Tree.”

The Serpentine Gallery is the venue for Yoko Ono’s new London show. As you approach the entrance to the Gallery, you come across a large chess set on the grass. The striking points are that ;

a) All the chess pieces are white.

b) The chess board is white.

A game of chess with out conflict. As you come out of the exhibition, you encounter a “Wish Tree”, or rather a mini orchard of ┬á”Wish Trees”. Pens and paper are provided and you are able to write your hopes and dreams down, and then attatch the paper to the branches with string. The branches of the trees are laden down with all these wishes. All the paper leaves flutter , as a gentle breeze catches the wishes. I went closer to have a look.

” I wish all my dreams will come true”.

” I wish I could find my sister”.

” I wish Robbie would love me.”

” I wish I could pass my driving test”.

Wow. So many wishes. Some nebulous. Some pie in the sky. Some realistic. Some unrealistic.

Seeing this orchard of ” Wishes” made me think about the list of “wishes and wants ” that couples write on their birth plan, or rather the birth preference sheet. Plans can often go astray. Preferences are just that. Preferences. As a midwife, if I am presented with a 28 page of “wishes”, my heart sinks. I cannot hope to fulfill all those expectations. I am lost before I have begun. Lots of negatives seem to feature, as in :

” I don’t want an epidural.”

” I don’t want to lie on the bed.”

” I don’t want lots of people in the room.”

Well, as a midwife, I don’t want any of these things for you either, especially if they are not appropriate. Sometimes needs must if situations change when you are having your baby. But that is a different matter. Safe delivery of mother. Safe delivery of baby. Or, in HypnoBirthing┬« parlance. Safe birthing for mother. Safe receiving of your baby.

You can write your birth preferences as your pregnancy progresses. Plenty of time to work out what is important for you. Accentuate the positives. Write down what you and your partner do want. Plus when you attend a HypnoBirthing® course you will be given guidance. Nothing like preparing your mind for having the best birth that you can.

To find out more about how you can really have the best birth for you and your partner and your baby-do get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you, Annie.


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