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Last night we practised lots of ways to achieve relaxation. I gave a demo, and then we all had a go. Different techniques work for different people. Horses for Courses. The couples are happy in each others’ company, and I like it when the dynamics work in the group. Of course there are two common denominators. Having a baby and HypnoBirthing®.

so sweet!!

On offer is also a “Baby Practicalities” class. Mainly for the men, so they have

the confidence to know how to look after their new born baby. All the couples want this opportunity to learn about the basics so they have a fair idea when they become parents.There is a buzz in the air when we talk about the proposed agenda.

 So far pregnancy and labour has been the focus of their attention. Now is the time to switch and focus on parenthood  .


rubber ducks...

Today, I am changing the Hypnobirthing Studio into a Nursery Emporium.

  •  Cushions removed.
  • Lights no longer dim and nappies at the ready.
  • The programme is varied, exciting and full on.
  • No slouching at the back as prizes will be awarded.
  • My camera is fully charged and I am looking forward to this evening with great anticipation!!!

Give me a ring on 01743 861235 to find out how being prepared for having a baby can really enhance your experience. I am waiting to hear from you. Annie.

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