Think We are Famous!!

The Shrewsbury Chronicle ran a great feature about HypnoBirthing® last week, and I have been floating on air. On the crest of this publicity of  I now have an interview on Radio Shropshire. Whoooa Hoo!! Today it’s our coffee morning reunion for our HypnoBirthing® mamas, papas and babies. Plus Genevieve from Radio Shropshire.

    • Table set
    • Flowers in vases
    • Chocolate Brownies
    • Ginger stem ginger cookies.

Yummie mummies and their babies

    It is always emotional
    meeting everyone again,
    and so wonderful seeing
     all these gorgeous babies.
     I am blown away by how
    confident and competant
     all these new mamas are.
     Issac’s papa came too,
    which was
    lovely.  The babies ranged in age from seven weeks to sixteen weeks. So in order of arrival, let me introduce to you ;

 Bella Bella, who looked just like her daddy when she was brand new, but who now looks more like her mama. Looking a vision of loveliness in pink.

Then we met Issac, who looked such a little boy, and who was a mixture of both his parents. He slept away the morning!

Oscar, so alert and curious about everything, is the spitting image of his daddy, right down to his smiley face.

And then baby baby Jack who looks just like his daddy did when HE was a baby. He slept and fed, and slept and fed.


All wrapped up!

 Kate showed us to to wrap little Jack up snug as a bug in a rug, and we loved this sling!!! So did Jack.

I feel so proud of all you mamas and papas who came to my HypnoBirthing® classes, practised your breathing and relaxation, and put everything to use on THE day. It was very special hearing how the  room at home where a waterbirth was to take place had been decorated with pictures, balloons and fairy lights to welcome a new baby. Beautiful. I also adore the fact that I know that all of you will stay in touch , and that a birthday lunch is on the cards to celebrate the first birthday. We were all  dying to know when the interview was going to be on air, as Genevieve spoke to everyone. Turned out it went ” live” on Tuesday, 17th April at 08.25am, and then again at 5.30 pm. So twice in one day. At prime time. Thank you Genevieve.

 Thank you to Chloe, Levin, Katie, Genevieve, and Kate for filling my Monday morning with sunshine.

See what I mean, when I say I can’t call my work a job???

Get in touch to find a course suitable for you-HypnoBirthing® really does make a difference in the way you have your babies.I would love to hear from you. Annie.




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