Top Secret.

This week I have visited a top secret garden on the 6th floor terrace, the size of 8 tennis courts, which overlooks the River Thames with views to take your breath away. Champagne corks grace the tops of the runner bean canes, and birds of prey solemnly watch your every move.

  • A rill,
  • lavender clumps,
  • and a veggie garden.

Delightful to behold. Sheep’s wool, and garlic that has been boiled and mashed are the slug deterrents here. The “Lunch Ladies” tend the vegetables and their care has produced a wonderful display. Produce is selected daily by the chef for top notch culinary treats.

A beautiful canopy of greenery with a backdrop of The Tower of London and The Shard!!! Unbelievable!!

Hidden and open to the public for the first time last weekend. What a privilege.

Not only that but The Red Arrows flew over head after they had flown over Buckingham Palace for The Queen’s Birthday, followed by 2 Pumas, a Chinook and a Merlin. SHEER JOY!!

Followed by lunch with a creative and inspirational friend. Pure hedonism.

And to bring me back to earth, I am just finalising numbers for the forthcoming HypnoBirthing® course. Lots of laminating to do along with correspondence and rapport building. Such a pleasure meeting all the couples that I meet. How wonderful that I am able to use all the HypnoBirthing® techniques, and enhance them with my knowledge as a midwife and antenatal educator.

Give me a ring so we can have a chat. Would love to meet you. Annie.

Such an exhilarating week, followed by my  HypnoBirthing® classes. How lucky am I??


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