Totally for women.

If your daughter, or grand-daughter is having a baby, ask them to google  ”Hypnobirthing. Times have changed immeasurably regarding pregnancy and childbirth, and this is never more apparent when grandmas  come to my hypnobirthing classes. I never planned for this, it just seemed to materialise.

Often there are lots of giggles and laughter when mothers and daughters practise the relaxation techniques. What have I discovered from these wise women? Certainly they are fascinated and intrigued by the rationale and logic surrounding the philosophy of hypnobirthing, but also  there is a strong sense of pure happiness that their daughter’s birth experiences are going to be so radically different from theirs. Often they talk to me with tears in their eyes when they recall their own births . For me it is deeply moving meeting these women. I feel they have put their trust in me to make childbirth a positive experience for their children.

Read what a brand new grandma wrote,

” I have had two children, but at the grand old age of 54, I have learnt HOW to have a baby.”

Her perspective about having a baby has also changed from a memory of fear and pain to one of envy that she couldn’t have her time again and have her babies using hypnobirthing.

To be able to have the best birth that you can have is utterly magical. All the calmness and relaxation that you and your baby have been enjoying has huge benefits for you, your partner, but especially your baby. No matter how your labour pans out, all this calmness that has been passed to your baby will have a profound effect on how your baby has developed in utero, and how your baby’s personality develops. Now THAT is a really big deal.

Come and discover for your self how hypnobirthing really does change the way you have your baby.

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