Totes Amaze Babes.

Cherry shortbread made by Rosie-perfect for our latest HypnoBirthing® coffee morn re-union-and utterly delicioso to boot.

No ” Crumble Jacks ” this time as this week I have been  at maternity running an antenatal class-plus have had 3 HypnoBirthing® classes at home. Quick flick round with the duster-and a careful polish of the taps in the downstairs loo-that’s what my hygienist told me to do when I mentioned I was running out of time. So-I know an expert when I meet one- I took her suggestions on board-and bingo!! All was well with the world!!

” Magical Ursula ” of  fame came to give me a hand-she cut her y.u.m -I – have – impressed – Mary – Berry – fruitcake, and generally just looked after everyone. Thank you Ursula. Without Ursula I couldn’t spend the time talking to all the mamas and meeting their beautiful babies. And I had time to take some TOTES  AMAZE piccies of these babes.

So. Here is The Roll Call – in order of appearance!

Harry was the little big boy who played trains with his daddy, and who jumped ever so well.( Harry-not Harry’s dad).

Frankie who was his smiley little bro.

Petee Pork Chop who laughed and fed.

Leo, ( with the gorg knees), who ” talked” and smiled. I think that Leo’s dad might be a Secret Agent.  How exciting!!!!

Flynn who slept and zzzzzz and who is so photogenic,

AND adorable little Esme , the only girl, dressed in an exquisite Christmas outfit.

Mamas – I am so IMPRESSED. All your babies wore matching socks. How do you do it??

Not everyone had met before, and it was the ideal opportunity to network and make new friends. I was very happy to see that e.mails were being exchanged, as I want all these delightful mamas to have quiet time at home with their babies, but also to go out and have real fun with other mamas .

I was so touched by being shown by one of the mamas a very personal photo album recording her pregnancy and her tranquil waterbirth/ HypnoBirth  at home. Such a beautiful keepsake.

ALL these strong and caring women who have been all backed whole heartedly by their men, who have been such an integral part of their HypnoBirthing® experience, I want you to know

I am so PROUD of all of you.


AND utter respect and thanks to my fabulous colleagues who helped these women have the best birth that they could have had.

………and for me the icing on the cake was cuddling all these amazing babes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.



To experience all the benefits of HypnoBirthing®, please do get in touch. Am now taking bookings for the January course which starts on 2/1/13. Looking forward to hearing from you. Annie.


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