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This week I am loving so many aspects of my hypnobirthing courses.

In particular, my outstanding memories of one of the sessions were as follows;

The slippers.Everyone wore their slippers. Probably because the evenings they came were wet and windy. I knew they felt at home because they were halfway to being relaxed.

Then it was their what’s app group. Already all in touch, several meals under their belt and more in the offing. Fabulous. Such a wonderful network going on. Love it that all could send their good wishes to the man who was going to bed early as he needed the rest.Accidental press of the button.

Extras included the presentation the men gave to their partners on birth and the cord. Am happily waiting for my cord photos.

And then it was just everyone’s willingness to learn and prepare their mind.Not forgetting the David Baileys who took my photos. Very professional they are too.

Thank you.

Love my work.

Can’t wait to meet you. Annie xx

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