Tweaks ‘n’ Twiddles

Lots of them! That’s what it took to achieve a huge step in my steep learning curve when I decided to make a mini video for my website. Up to now, the letters ” HTML  ” and words such as ” embedding ” and ” Visual ” have meant nothing to me. Even though I am at the alphabet stage I am very excited that suddenly I am discovering a whole new language.The possibilities are endless,but like little Leo with the gorgeous knees, I am just starting to crawl.

  • First up was the setting. Obviously The HypnoBirthing Studio was the ideal venue, however the room itself looked too cluttered, so it was decided that if I sat on one of the sofas there would be less distraction.
  • Next the tripod-less camera had to be balanced on a table on top of a pile of books.
  • A few postcards partially underneath the camera provided the required tilt of the camera.

Then Make Up ,Wardrobe, Hair, Lights and Action!!

  1. Fudged my lines.
  2. Scarily stared into space.
  3. Started swaying so I swayed in and out of focus.
  4. How difficult is it to say the word relaxation????
  5. By adjusting the DIY auto cue considerably IT WAS A WRAP!!!

The Aqua jumper that I am wearing in the video clip was bought  from a secret shop, can’t say where as the local style police may be in touch. However my new scarf was the perfect accessory! Scarf came from the night market in Luan Prabang in Laos, bought from a beautiful woman who had her 10 day old baby girl swaddled round her front.( Just in case you were wondering!)

The couples that I have met whilst running the HypnoBirthing® courses inspired me with their kind words. So when I said ” This is what parents have said “, that was so true. The credits for this mini clip go to the couples that I have met over the years.

AS usual, I am bowled over by the people that come to the HypnoBirthing® classes, and by the beautiful births they have. Do get in touch to become part of this exciting antenatal class. I would love to hear from you. Annie.

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