Valentino Unwrapped.

Touted as a ” mesmerising installation created especially for Somerset House ”.Valentino, a Master of Couture is holding an exhibition until March 3rd in Somerset House. Visiting the Big City last week made popping in to view all these hand stitched designer outfits so easy. A quick journey on The Tube, exiting at Temple, turn right, and you are there.

I was bowled over by the imagination of the ” set “. The exquisite dresses and outfits are displayed with such a clever twist. The ” Audience ” is part of the exhibition, whilst you the ” Spectator ” become part of the catwalk experience. When all the crowds dispersed and you were left at the start of the catwalk, you really started to get a feel of how it must be, even without the frisson of excitement at star spotting and hearing the music, smelling all the perfume and seeing the photographers.

Mannequins denoted the different decades by their colour, and outfits that feature in the catalogue had a numbered bracelet around their wrist. Intricate details, stunning designs and sumptuous fabrics worn by the rich and famous are shown to the public for the first time. And how wonderful that you really could get up close and personal. My favourite mannequin was no 128. The rose coloured dress with  the decoration of roses. The Rose di Volant technique mesmerised me. Lengths  of organza silk are cut on the bias and are shaped to form open roses.

 Delicate.  Diaphanous. Intricate. Totally Captivating and Mesmerising. Draws your eye into the centre.

And then it came to me. I knew why I was attracted to this particular dress and detailing. Of course. In HypnoBirthing®, one of the images that you visualise is of a rose opening. So simple, yet aren’t the simple ideas often the most effective ??

  • so many of the men in my classes bring their wives and girlfriends roses,

  • especially towards the end of their pregnancy,

  • so that when labour starts they have roses all around them.

  • And when the roses are blooming in my garden, I place them in my HypnoBirthing Studio,

  • so that when one of the mamas-to-be went into labour in the class she could leave holding a posy of roses!

I went to The Valentino Exhibition with my head full of Italian Couture, and left thinking how everywhere I go , I see reminders of how wonderful HypnoBirthing® is.

Do get in touch to see how having a baby can be transformed into an amazing and positive experience. I really do have the best ” job ” in the world. I would love to meet you. Annie.





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