Vulcan Bomber

Should have been to a re-union and was well jel when the date had been changed which meant that the eagerly awaited catch up was not to be. For me anyhow. However, I know that all these new families with their brand new babies are finding their feet and starting to fly. Networks made. Already their connections are there.

 It is The Dinner party Season.Menu;

Canapes and champagne.

Paté and pumpernickel bread.

Retro chicken dish with accompaniments,

Profiteroles ,Cheese / Port / coffee and chocs.

Sandwiched between The Vulcan Bomber Pilot and the Areobatic Pilot made for an enthralling evening. Tales of the 5 man Vulcan crew, and how when the Vulcan newly minted, flew off from the Farnborough Air show to arrive in Paris with a loop the loop !! Needed some explaining that one.

Amazingly, this  was a job that no-one wanted, but what tales to regale your grandchildren with.The pilot sat in the left hand seat and was in control. The co-pilot watched and learnt. Not many photos of the interior of the Vulcan as this was before digital cameras.

Both sides of The Vulcan are in camouflage which make detecting a barrel roll after a vertical take of the talk of the town. Hard to distinguish if the ‘plane was on its front or back. A heady time and an era to look back on with deep pride.

How come the evening was so successful? Easy really. It was the unwritten connections between everyone present there.Work and play ties and just an easiness in everybody’s skin. No agendas. No one upmanship. Defences down. As unlike “Abigail’s Party” as you could get.

So that was the reason that I missed out on the catch up. Changing dates and a prior engagement meant that I was in my pinny preparing the meal.

The good news is there will be another get together in the Spring, and I got to catch up with some of my best friends.

But now, I am preparing for the forthcoming Hypnobirthing Course.It is going to be pretty special. Annie xx



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