Walnut trees.

Opposite where I live is a field full of walnut trees. A local entrepreneur planted them more than 50 years ago with a view to making a mint. The local farmer keeps the grassed trimmed and the field with its wafting trees is beautiful to look at. Lots of beehives nearby too. Near a river with lots of borrage. Honey is definitely on the agenda!

I was actually looking for sloes in the hedgerows nearby when my eye was caught by a sudden movement. Sitting quietly and unobtrusively was a magnificent bird of prey. The buzzard and I made eye contact simultaneously and because the quietness and tranquillity was spoilt, in a trice the bird with majestic wing movements had soared away.

Birds and animals don’t like being observed. It is the old predatory instinct taking over. Protection and survival.

We are the same when we have our babies.

I’ve lost count of the times I have greeted a woman and her partner as they enter the labour ward to hear her exclaim, “my contractions have just fizzled out”. It’s the fear of being watched  that can make labour slow down, and only when the threat, or the perception of a threat has been removed that the labour continues. When we are left unobserved and at ease and in our comfort zone then nature sees fit to allow our labour to continue.

Fascinating isn’t it?

So on ourwish list -

  • a quiet place to have our babies,
  • with minimal interuptions and distractions,
  • with out raised hurried voices,
  • in a dim environment,
  • with calmness,
  • soft music ,
  • and loving support from our chosen birth partner.

 Are you liking the sound of this ?

Come and join a growing band of couples who are choosing to use HypnoBirthing® techniques to practise calmness and deep relaxation, so that they can enter into a place where time doesn’t matter, and they feel confident to allow their perfectly designed bodies to work just as nature intended. I would love to meet you! Annie.

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