Wobbly about having a baby?

A few questions..

  • Are you unsure about what happens in labour?
  • Are you worried that you won’t cope?
  • Are you worried about making a noise??
  • Are you uncertain as to what your partner will be doing?
  • Are you worried that your partner may faint?

My perspective.

Well – here’s the thing ; most couples I have spoken to have all had these same thoughts. Doesn’t it make you feel better that you are not alone? So  – let’s prioritise..preparation through education is honestly the best way forward. HypnoBirthing® classes run over 5 weeks, and week by week you build on your knowledge and also your confidence as you are shown different relaxation and breathing techniques.Your partner is very involved with helping you relax – and like everything in life – the more you practice the more prepared you are for when you have your baby.

This says it all !

One thing you may not know is that when you are having your baby,  midwives  always give your partner a chair to sit in (should he want to), so that’s one less worry…..

Overcoming obstacles

What I love most of all about meeting couples having their baby is the way in which their demeanour changes as the HypnoBirthing® course progresses.Initially the woman has the weight of “Labour”sitting on her shoulders. The man is highly sceptical and is also concerned about the financial outlay.(Seems like the women choose the course..and the men pay – just an observation).

The 1st hurdle is picking up the phone.

The 2nd obstacle is walking in through my front door.

The next scary moment is meeting the other couples – just think to yourselves,”We are all in the same boat”…

Frankly from then on things can only get better.

So, to ”The Garden Room” where the classes are held. Although I may be rather biased, I have to say that this room is rather a grown up space with cream sofas, and throws, and cushions, and flowers and lots of photographs. Plus I am very non scary. I love what I do – and I am very proud of what I do. Once the men begin to relax and discover that HypnoBirthing® does make perfect sense, they come on board and they are just so involved and supportive to their partners.

What goes on?

Week by week the couples seem to blossom, and they definitely relax quicker and more deeply (again- just an observation). Each week we practice what we have learnt. Each week the couples go home and hone their newly acquired skills.By the last session the couples can’t believe the course is over – they want to keep on coming.

The good news is that each couple is offered a free refresher session towards the end of their pregnancy. This is not for me to check up on their progress – rather it is to reinforce all their hard work.I love welcoming all the couples back. Sometimes grandmams to be come to, so they too can be involved in HypnoBirthing®.

Instead of looking like they are about to sit a big exam (which is how they appeared on the first session) — these couples are  now very excited about having their baby, and can’t wait.

Anything else you want to know?

Get in touch if you want to find out more. I’m listening.


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