Word has it..

Revalidation is the name of the game for midwives. Monumental changes going on. Supervision will be phased out next March, which is a really big shame as these sessions are invaluable. A time to discuss and reflect with perfect honesty and clarity. A time to inspire and to move forward. A time to learn. Always there is something to learn. The 3 mandatory study days at maternity provide the perfect opportunity to keep abreast of current thoughts and new ideas. Participatory hours logged whilst thought showering with colleagues. Indeed, new buzz words written down.

Now that all the boxes that need ticking have been done so, I can free my mind and concentrate on projects close to home. A make over is needed for my hypnobirthing studio. Nothing too dramatic. Just a bit of spicing up, in a subtle way. Apparently, it is all in the detail. So fringing for the cushions have been ordered. Wicker baskets bought as storage solutions placed under the table, and a new colour scheme embraced.

Plan of Action

  1. Spring clean room.
  2. Add some green cushions.
  3. Fairy lights.
  4. Hanging baskets.
  5. New rug
  6. Flowers in a tall vase.
  7. Store all text books elsewhere.
  8. Put up 2 new pictures.
  9. Frame photo of Myself with Marie Mongan.
  10. Frame photo of Myself with Michel Odent.

No major changes, but what a difference it looks already.  Fresh. Bright. Cohesive. Loved.

Can’t wait to show you the new look hypnobirthing studio. Looking forward to Tuesday. Annie xx

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