You fabulous men!!

 Chaps, are you listening???

Do you know that you are the most important people in the HypnoBirthing® class????? Are you surprised? Did you think that you would just be dutifully tagging along with your wife or girlfriend? You are the person who will make such a difference to your partner when she is having your baby.

Glorious men!! Here’s the thing ;

Once the chaps know the rationale behind HynoBirthing® – and why it works, (and HypnoBirthing ®does work), they start to relax and are eager to be involved.  You can see it in their body language…and in their eyes. Especially their eyes.

 A woman’s body is designed perfectly to have a baby

All HypnoBirthing® does is to give you the tools to show you how to RELAX, RELAX, RELAX, so that your body works as nature intended.

 When I ask the men how they got on with their practise sessions at home, I am bowled over by their positive responses .They really enjoy spending time helping their partners get into their “Quiet Zone”. Lots of laughter goes on – but that’s ok…laughter helps you relax too.

The men get a kick out of “Calm time” as well. They have the sensation of “letting go”, and the wonderful sense of calmness that envelops them afterwards. One man wanted his boss to come to the HypnoBirthing® classes as he felt he would seriously benefit from some “Chill out” time.

 Great recommendation!!!

And when the baby is coming, it is the man who will keep his partner emotionally and mentally safe, staving off all negative intrusions.

 Viva the Men!!

So chaps, be pro-active. Pick up the phone and book onto a HypnoBirthing® class. You and your partner will both benefit beyond belief..

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