Zoom sessions.

Since Lockdown I have been able to run hypnobirthing sessions via zoom. Scary at first and I needed a LOT of help from my backroom boys :) .

I learnt so much and despite not being able to be hands on, I found that I can still do a good job.

Which is why I am letting you know that if you have already had a baby using hypnobirthing techniques, you may benefit from booking a Zoom refresher session if you are adding to your family.

Time to reflect.

Time to plan ahead.

Time to go over hypnobirthing techniques.

Time to concentrate on your new baby.


Working from my hypnobirthing studio, I feel that I have the skills and expertise to ensure that you and your partner feel confident about welcoming your new baby in a calm and gentle way.  A 1.5 hour session, costs £75. E.mail me if you are interested.

Love to catch up with you and see your family photos. Annie xx

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