It is the third session of the HypnoBirthing© course and it is easy to see that all the couples are relaxing so easily and deeply. Great! Love the fact that they have been clearly practising at home. Sometimes life gets so busy and often the old adage, New house, new baby” is so true. This week the couples look tired and I know that work, plus doing up a house is leaving little down time for them. Tonight will be so beneficial, I know.

Shoes off by the front door, and slippers on. I didn’t ask, slippers were brought along by preference, and now it seems the norm.

Plenty of herbal tea and home made biscuits, mood lighting and the wonderful calming music playing in the background set the scene. It almost feels as though there is magic in the air.Tonight we are going to banish all negativity and get rid of all fears and anxieties about having a baby. Very powerful. Everyone settles down into their chair or sofa and starts to close their eyes.The words flow and the music plays and 20 minutes really does seem like 5 minutes, even for me who is reading a script. Stretching and smiling, the couples look so much more relaxed then when they arrived.I can tell they have enjoyed the relaxation.

Our refreshment break is a wonderful opportunity for friendships to blossom, and my heart always sings when I can see that contact details are being exchanged. Even better, is when the couples meet up after the HypnoBirthing© sessions have ended , so that they have each others’ companionship before the babies start to arrive. Then afterwards, meet ups planned, to which I am often invited.

A surprise trip to the car reveals that it is Jenny’s birth day and she has brought a cake! With candles! So we have an impromptu party and a sing song!

Think we will all sleep well tonight.zzzzzzz Annie xx

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