Pregnancy sessions:

 Includes hypnobirthing refresher sessions, labour sessions, waterbirth sessions and Induction of labour sessions.

A safe environment is paramount for pregnant women, so at the moment, I am inviting people to attend a ZOOM session with me. However, I am scheduling hypnobirthing courses for August.When it is safe to do so, I will be inviting you back to have antenatal sessions, with other couples, in my home with my beautiful garden.

 Hypnobirthing Classes: (in person ).

Hypnobirthing shows you breathing and relaxation techniques for when you are in labour. All I do is set the scene, then it is down to you to practise diligently , so that when THE day arrives, all your breathing and relaxation is second nature. It takes time to go over all the relaxation and breathing techniques. As a practising midwife I give you all my knowledge and expertise. I ask you for your commitment and your time. As a midwife, I am regulated and have to revalidate every 3 years-so you know you will be in good hands.

1 to 1 hypnobirthing courses for couples.

Lots of couples are now opting for 1 to 1 sessions of hypnobirthing.

A course consists of 4 x 2 hr sessions .

Cost is £825 per couple.

E.mail me for details.

 Hypnobirthing refresher sessions; 

This is to refresh, consolidate and inspire you so you are truly confident about having a baby. Book in at anytime during your pregnancy. 1.5 hour session: 1 to 1 costs £75 per couple. Daytime sessions.

  Labour session

If you want to find out about what happens in labour-this is the session for you.  1.5 hour session: 1 to 1 costs £75 per couple. Daytime sessions.

  •    Induction of Labour session for people using hypnobirthing techniques.

Some times labour has to be started off. This session will explain and clarify what happens. Lots of practicalities and helpful suggestions. 1.5 hr session : 1 to 1 costs £75 per couple. Daytime sessions.

  •    WaterBirth Sessions. 

Many couples having a baby opt for a waterbirth. If you are contemplating using a water pool during your labour, and/or for the birth of your baby, this is the session for you. 1.5hr session. 1 to 1 costs £75 per couple. Daytime sessions.

Twin Session

All about the actual birth of twins…..

1.5 hr session costs £75 per couple.Flexible times.

E.mail ;

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Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be purchased in multiples of £50, or for the full cost of a  hypnobirthing course. Vouchers will be gift wrapped and sent to the person you are gifting this wonderful present to. Terms and Conditions Your places are not confirmed until a deposit of £75 has been received. Once you have confirmed your booking for a hypnobirthing course, this money is non refundable.The only circumstances where money is refunded, less the £75 deposit, is if your baby puts in an appearance before the start of the course. If you wish to transfer onto another hypnobirthing course, a 10% administration fee will apply. This is subject to spaces being available on a suitable course.