Extra Classes

As well as HypnoBirthing® Classes, there are also the options of attending other sessions on a ” Pick ‘ n’ Mix basis. Ideal for couples….or girls on their own…or perfect if you have started your maternity leave and are now focusing on the birth of your baby/babies if you are having twins. Why not make up your own group by bringing along your pregnant girlfriends? Running some of the antenatal classes in maternity means that I can give you all the inside information!

Simply choose your class…and give me a ring so we can arrange a suitable day and time. Couldn’t be easier…..

“ HypnoBirthing refresher session ”

If you feel you would benefit from a Hypnobirthing refresher session, then this is the class for you.You may have used Hypnobirthing techniques with a previous birth, or would like just to go over all the salient points, accompanied by some breathing and deep relaxation to keep you focused.

2 hour session.

1 to 1 session £95.

Group session £55.

Refreshments provided.


 “ Simply Labour ”

for one or two babies!!

A comprehensive session about having a baby,or twins, to enhance and complement the Hypnobirthing  classes…or as a one off session;

  •    packing your bag
  •    the birth room
  •    the various stages of labour/what happens when twins are born.
  •    welcoming your baby/babies.
  •   breathing and relaxation .

   2.0 hr session

1 to 1 session for couples £95

Group sessions for couples £55

Refreshments provided.



Baby Practicalities

Now you know HOW to have a baby,this session will give you the confidence, and skill to look after your baby in the early days. The men especially benefit from this hands on very practical class. ( And all the women love the way their men really grow in confidence as they see how great they are going to be as daddies !!  )

  •    welcoming your baby
  •     feeding
  •     nappies
  •     top ‘ n’ tailing
  •     baby’s day.
  •     Plus lots of useful tips and suggestions

         2.0 hour session

        1 to 1 session for couples £95.

        Group session for couples £55

         Refreshments provided.

Waterbirth Classes


A water birth combined with Hypnobirthing  techniques makes for a perfect marriage. Come along to see what a water birth entails;  

  • benefits of water when you are having a baby,
  • positions you can use,
  • what you actually need,
  • dvd of a waterbirth, (optional).
  • breathing and relaxation.

 2 hour session.

1 to 1 session for couples £95.

Group session £55 per couple.

Refreshments provided.

 Give me a ring  01743 861235 or send me an e.mail, annie@shropshirehypnobirthing.co.uk so we can discuss your options, so you choose the most appropriate class for yourself and your baby. I would love to hear from you. Annie.