Joining The Dots…….

Having a baby is a life changing  event, and you celebrate your baby’s Birth Day every year. Everyone has an unique experience., and this experience should be a positive one. However, even if on paper your baby’s birth was straightforward, if you don’t feel fulfilled, satisfied and proud, then perhaps you would like to come and talk about your experience.

There is a great service called ” Talk About” which is run by maternity. This gives you the opportunity to go through your labour records with a midwife so that you fully understand what happened. Sometimes this doesn’t offer sufficient emotional support. This is where I can help. Using my skill and hypnosis training you can benefit from a session of deep relaxation .

This is more than just listening to your birth story. The aim is clarify what happened,using my extensive skill and knowledge as a midwife, and then to move forward with positivity so that any birth trauma doesn’t have a negative impact on your life and relationships.

All sessions are completely confidential. Each session lasts an hour .

For mums….or dads…or for both of you.

Give me a ring on 01743 861235 and let us work together so that you can start to more forwards in a positive way.