Some kind words …

How do parents find me??Well, midwives recommend me…plus;

Word of mouth. Thank you everyone. Word of mouth is priceless. It really is worth all the tea in China!!! Plus I am so delighted that so many of you come from far and wide to join my classes. Also I have parents coming back for their second and third babies. Love keeping it in the family!


Hi Annie

We hope you’re well

We will, of course, be writing properly soon but we wanted to inform you of the birth of our son, Marlo.

He arrived at exactly 39 weeks; at 00.37 on 19 Feb weighing a hearty 8lbs 9oz! Almost nothing went according to ‘plan’ but thankfully all our hypnobirthing work meant we didn’t get put off and embraced each turn that the labour took.

Despite it not looking like the water birth we imagined, it was incredible and we both couldn’t feel prouder of ourselves or each other.

Marlo is completely amazing, didn’t cry at all when he was born, just gazed at us and made some joyful little noises, we were and have remained completely smitten.

We really feel our hypnobirthing made a huge impact to the birth and also how calm we have been as a family since bringing him home on the 19th.

So thank you so much for all your help and guidance and hopefully see you soon!

All our love,

Troy, Sally and Marlo x

Hi Sally, Troy and Marlo!

Such wonderful news.

Lots of congratulation to you both.

You are quite right in being proud of each other. Troy- you are my hero for being so present and for really understanding what to do, and Sally- you are my heroine for being in the zone and trusting your body.

I am SO proud of Team Sally- for going with the flow and remaining calm however your birth journey unfolded. Fabulous!

Love Annie xx 

Beautiful Marlo


Hi Annie,

Hope you and your family are all well.

I just wanted to let you know that baby no 3 arrived safe and well into the world on 14th March 2019 at 4.24am.

Another little girl, Harriet Lynette  7lb 8. Another quick delivery 1 hour and 30 . And this time I even got to bring her into the world myself, thanks to a wonderful midwife. Was a truly lovely experience!

Hypno birthing was just the best thing I ever did and although I didn’t refresh this time, it was still a massive part of my pregnancy and labour because I kept so calm.

The midwife was so respectful of my previous hypno birthing, she tried to keep things as natural as possible without me really saying much.

She turned the lights down and then when she told me to reach down and bring my baby up.Gosh it was just so so wonderful.

And my recovery has been so much quicker this time,  because I breathed her out.Just fabulous and makes me want number 4! Ha! Although 3 is definitely the magic number for us.


Oh Laura,

Lots and lots of congratulations on the safe arrival of beautiful Harriet.

I am so happy for you and Dan, 

Such a gorgeous baby.

…and you are officially an invincible woman having brought your daughter into the world on your own.

So proud of you and Dan,

and what a photo of your three little girls!

Definitely one for the album. 


Love Annie xxx

Three beautiful daughters xxx

Hi Annie,

Thrilled to say Charles was born Wednesday at 9.29am on consultant ward at Telford weighing 7lb 5 oz at 42 weeks and 2 days. We had to induce despite trying to the final hour for him to come when he was ready. He was a little too comfortable and very strong happy heart beat!! ;-)

Hypnobirthing was amazing Annie we can’t thank you enough. No pain relief was needed not even gas and air and Charlie has been a very relaxed and calm baby…so far ;-) Daymion was a super star and helped me breathe and get into right position for contractions in bed with bad back. 

Thank you so much again for everything and feel free to share any parts of this email with budding new students! We have recommended you to everyone and staff at hospital were very impressed!

Charlie, Sarah and Daymion xxx

Hi Sarah, Daymion and baby Charlie!!

Lots and lots of congratulations to you all.

I am over the moon for you. In fact when I received your e-mail, I was so excited for you that I couldn’t sleep that night.

Have a beautiful day. Can’t stop smiling!

Love Annie xxx

Welcome Charles xxx

Hi Annie!

Me and Dan would like to introduce to you our little chunk…

 I had my baby GIRL on 1st January at 17:46 weighing 7lb 12 (37+5 days).

 My relaxation and hypnobirthing worked a treat.  

 The midwives loved my mood board and the smells of lavender and how calm I was. The midwife came into me and said how the doctors were hanging around to give me an epidural and actually said to my midwife “does this hypnobirthing really work?!” That made me laugh!! :) From membrane to birth it took 9hrs 6 mins. My little girl did not cry, she was very content and still is.

We have named her Penelope Rachel Ruby. Penny for short :)

Lots of love,

Rachel, Daniel and Penelope


Such an amazing labour!…..and short!!!!!!!

Yay- Hypnobirthing works! ….and now the Drs know too !

Love the photos…just beautiful.

I am sending you all a hug and your mum too.

It was so delightful meeting you all. Annie xxx



Penny has arrived!

Dear Annie,

I’m delighted to let you know that Clementine was born at 7.11pm on 23.12.18. The birth was perfect! I had a wonderful midwife who dimmed the lights, offered encouragement and largely left me to it. She examined me on arrival and monitored baby’s heartbeat, but otherwise, she let me breath through my contractions and give birth without intervention.

Isn’t it amazing how our bodies know what to do?!

I birthed her without any form of pain relief, just your well taught techniques, and I couldn’t be happier.

She was born without tears, and promptly fell asleep calmly in my arms. Completely perfect. Active labour for about 3 hours. Thank you SOOOO much, Annie. We all adore her already and here are some pictures of little Clemmie.

Love, Heidi xx


Yesterday, I received your lovely note and beautiful photo of Clementine.

Your words are truly beautiful and very moving.

Thank you. I will treasure your letter.

Clementine is so pretty

All I do is set the scene.

Everything is down to you..and Team Heidi…and your baby…and your wonderful supportive midwife.

Together you worked in perfect harmony to have a magical birth…and your three little girls will grow up filled with excitement if they have babies too.

Love Annie xx

Welcome Clementine

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