Aoife has arrived!

Hello Annie

Just wanted to let you know that we welcomed our beautiful daughter Aoife May Baynes last Thursday 1st June at 4.13 am.

Our birth was a wonderful experience which is definitely down to you and quicker than average first labours so thank you so much. We have been telling anyone who is pregnant about hypnobirthing and you!

We got in our zone and set up room with battery lights, played our relaxing music or one of your recordings, had lavender and Clary sage in flannel and used your techniques doing the breathing and visualisation and Matt doing light touch massage. The midwives loved it and were fantastic! We kept bouncing on ball/going for walks in nearby Apley walk and then back for some monitoring of baby and surges.

 Matt took picture of us at 8.40pm where I am laughing on the birthing ball.  Matt was incredible keeping me focused on surge breathing and all the techniques and got us through. 

We are loving having a new born and following lots of your tips- saying no to visitors and just enjoying this truly special time.

Look forward to meeting up and hearing about the others babies. Hope everyone is doing well.

Thank you so much again for helping making birthing our daughter so wonderful.

All your help and course was amazing and helped us so much! We cannot recommend you enough!

Matt, Siobhan and Aoife xxxx


Massive congratulations on The Dream Team!

Beyond thrilled. All down to Team Siobhan for commiting and practising. Well Done. Annie xx