Beautiful Marlo

Hi Annie

We hope you’re well

We will, of course, be writing properly soon but we wanted to inform you of the birth of our son, Marlo.

He arrived at exactly 39 weeks; at 00.37 on 19 Feb weighing a hearty 8lbs 9oz! Almost nothing went according to ‘plan’ but thankfully all our hypnobirthing work meant we didn’t get put off and embraced each turn that the labour took.

Despite it not looking like the water birth we imagined, it was incredible and we both couldn’t feel prouder of ourselves or each other.

Marlo is completely amazing, didn’t cry at all when he was born, just gazed at us and made some joyful little noises, we were and have remained completely smitten.

We really feel our hypnobirthing made a huge impact to the birth and also how calm we have been as a family since bringing him home on the 19th.

So thank you so much for all your help and guidance and hopefully see you soon!

All our love,

Troy, Sally and Marlo x

Hi Sally, Troy and Marlo!

Such wonderful news.

Lots of congratulation to you both.

You are quite right in being proud of each other. Troy- you are my hero for being so present and for really understanding what to do, and Sally- you are my heroine for being in the zone and trusting your body.

I am SO proud of Team Sally- for going with the flow and remaining calm however your birth journey unfolded. Fabulous!

Love Annie xx