Celebrating Millie!!

We are very very excited to tell you that Amelia Rose Pugh (Millie) arrived last Sunday 14th June at 8.17am weighing 6lb 10oz. We had been out for our last meal as a couple on the Saturday night and I then woke at 3am Sunday morning when my waters broke! As we were now under consultant unit at Telford we headed over there and they confirmed baby was still breech. Millie was delivered by c-section at 8.17am and because we were prepared for it and it wasn’t entirely an emergency one (category 2) Dave was able to be there with me throughout and despite the very medical environment it was perfect – the staff were amazing and the whole thing felt very relaxed.

We are so pleased we did Hypnobirthing and even though in the end plans had to slightly deviate from our expected birth we feel that we were both so calm about the whole experience from doing the hypnobirthing – so a huge thank you from us both. 

Me and Millie came home on Wednesday and are doing really well. Millie is adorable and we are both loving every minute of parenthood!

Dave did his dad class just in time and he is absolutely brilliant – such a natural at everything and just the best support I could ask for.

Once again a huge thank you from us both for helping to make the whole experience so calm and exciting!

Look forward to meeting up soon.

Lots of love 

Laura, Dave and Millie xxx

So thrilled for you all!!  Can’t wait ’til the 2nd!!Annie xx