Congrats to Len and Bobbi!!!

This is what Len said about his beautiful partner Bobbi….

Hi Annie,

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that our son, Elias (or Eli to you and me) joined us at 21.26 on 9th Feb.
Bobbi was amazing throughout,and the HypnoBirthing really helped Bobbi to deal well with labour.

We put a lot of the positivity of our experience down to Hypnobirthing.

Over all of the time in labour the baby was monitored regularly, and thanks to the wonderful, peaceful attitude of his mother I can tell you that his heart rate never went up at all until he started making his way out.

I was able to see my son come into the world, and introduce him to the woman that had carried him for 9 months and it was truly amazing.

Thanks for all your help and support in the run up, I often prompted Bobbi to remember your voice saying ‘relax’.
Look forward to introducing you to Eli.

Len-you and Bobbi had a great positive birth experience and I am SO happy and proud!!Axx