Crack open the Bubbly for brand new Matilda, so beautiful and calm and peaceful, who arrived just before the last session of HypnoBirthing®. I didn’t let on to the others that  the missing couple had a whole new agenda! And that agenda was Matilda!! I simply propped the pc on the table centre stage in amongst the slices of banana cake and ginger biscuits, and let Matilda’s début photo on the screen do the talking. The photo had been taken when she was newly born in her just arrived skin.

Everyone gasped with delight and sheer wonderment when the penny dropped.

Accompanying the picture was an e.mail. A few lines that spoke volumes:

Just to let you know that Matilda arrived at 5.52 pm this afternoon, half an hour after arriving at the hospital, with no need for induction. She is a very calm baby, and I didn’t use any pain relief at all.Thank you very much for all your help. The HypnoBirthing® techniques really worked. xxx