Fly the Flag!!

We welcomed Olivia into our family at 23.52 on 4th August, weighing 7lbs.

I focussed on breathing, had my blue ribbon and comedies playing continuously on TV. Matt was an absolute hero right the way through.  All through the power of hypnobirthing and remaining calm I was 8cms dilated when the midwives arrived at my house.

Matt kept me focussed through the entire experience, saw the delivery and cut the cord.

We cannot thank you enough for all your knowledge, help and support, we were both so well informed and as I said Matt was and is my hero. Lots of love Victoria.

HE said, ” Vics was an absolute warrior “.

SHE said, ” He was my HERO “.

Am so proud of both of you for being so calm and focussed, for you Matt having the confidence to talk to the midwives, being very clear and level headed so that desicions could be made by both of you with clarity, and for you Vics being ” in your zone”. Fabulous. Massive congrats to both of you!!

Love the fact that Olivia loves being on your chest and that you have one chilled out little girl!!! All your positivity and calmness has definitely been passed down!!! Can’t wait for an Olivia cuddle!! Annie xxx